Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

Kyomachiya Mimurasaki is a two-story, wooden Kyoto-style machiya (traditional tradesman’s house).
We invite guests to enjoy the warm atmosphere only a wooden building can provide.

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Display details

Kyomachiya Mimurasaki is a two-story, wooden Kyoto-style machiya (traditional tradesman’s house).
We invite guests to enjoy the warm atmosphere only a wooden building can provide.


Sample Schedule

Kyomachiya Mimurasaki Sample Schedule

15:00: Arrive at Kyomachiya Mimurasaki

Kyomachiya Mimurasaki opens to guests at 15:00.
To locate the entrance, look for the noren curtain with the mimurasaki (Japanese beautyberry) on it.

16:00: Shopping

Peruse the old shops in the neighborhood on the lookout for aburimochi sweet roasted mochi skewers, Kyoto-style sweets, kaniokaki baked crab mochi sticks and other souvenirs.。
If you need to rest, we suggest a nearby coffee lounge. Just take care not to eat too much and spoil dinner!

18:00: Dinner】

The area around Kyomachiya Mimurasaki is home to several renowned Japanese-style restaurants that serve Kyoto cuisine. Please feel free to ask us for recommendations
We hope you enjoy historical Japanese and Kyoto cuisine with gusto! Catering and boxed lunches are also available with a prior reservation.
There are also Japanese-style izakaya pubs, Chinese restaurants and more in the immediate area!

20:00: Bath

Come back to Kyomachiya Mimurasaki to rest and relax, slip into the bathtub and gaze out at the inner garden.
Another option is Funaoka Onsen, a nearby hot springs that is a registered tangible cultural property.

21:00: Relax】

Rest in a chair or on a sofa on the first floor
Make plans for the next day . . .
To settle down for the night, lay out your futon mattresses in the second-floor bedroom, and let the hustle and bustle of a day of traveling melt away.

7:00: Start Your Mornin

The Daitoku-ji Temple complex is home to a temple where you can experience zazen Zen meditation.
There is no need to worry if it is your first time; simply arrive 20 minutes early to learn how to do zazen.

9:00: Breakfast and Walk

How about a short walk to Senbon or Horikawa? Or a longer walk along Kamogawa River or to other sights?
You can buy baked goods at a nearby bakery or enjoy breakfast at a local café.

11:00: Sightseeing

Please check out by 11:00.
The nearby Kitaoji Station is very convenient starting point for sightseeing.


Kyomachiya Mimurasaki

Postal Code 603-8165 Japan
59-4 Murasakino Nishigoshoden-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto

Access from Kyoto Station

By Kyoto City Bus

・Take a #9 bus (bound for Nijo-jo Castle/Nishi Kamo Shako) from the boarding area in front of Kyoto Station. Ride for roughly 36 minutes (depending on traffic)
→Get off at the Kitaoji Horikawa Bus Station→Walk roughly 3 minutes

By Subway

・Take the Karasuma Line (bound for Shijo/Karasuma Oike/Kokusaikaikan). Ride for 15 minutes
→Get off at Kitaoji Station
→Walk roughly 10 minutes

By Car

・From Kyoto Station (Karasuma-dori side)
  7.0 km (Roughly 21 minutes)

・From Kyoto Minami IC
  10.5 km (Roughly 28 minutes)

*We do not have parking space for guests.
  Please park at a nearby parking facility.

By Taxi

「If the driver does not understand “Kyomachiya Mimurasaki,” say “Fuzoku Shogakko to Kita Kuyakusho no Tori o Nishi ni Haitta Basho.”
You will see Kyomachiya Mimurasaki on your left.

Rates and Other Information


Rates per day differ depending on the number of guests.
For reservations, call(+81-75-200-8139), or go to the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Kyomachiya Mimurasaki

Room Rates (excluding meals)

Rates per guest
1 guest
from 28,000 yen/day
from 300,000 yen/month
2 guests
from 14,000 yen/day
from 300,000 yen/month
3 guests
from 11,000 yen/day
from 360,000 yen/month
4 guests
from 9,750 yen/day
from 390,000 yen/month
5 guests
from 8,600 yen/day
from 420,000 yen/month

* Prices listed are standard rates, which are subject to change with the seasons.
* Consumption taxes are applied to all rates.

Fixtures and Amenities

Wireless LAN
Water purifier/IH cooktop/Kettle/Microwave (Healsio)/Refrigerator/Coffee mugs/Glasses/Teacups/Teabowls/Small plates/Forks/Spoons/Kitchen scissors/Knives/Cutting board/Can opener/Bottle opener/Wine opener/Coffee/Tea/Hojicha roasted green tea/Sencha loose-leaf green tea
Toilet room
Washing machine/Laundry soap/Mesh wash bag/Washlet/Paper towels/Hair dryer/Kazurasei shampoo and conditioner/Yojiya body soap/Bath towels/Face towels/L’Occitane hand soap/Toothbrushes/Shower caps
Guest Rooms
TV/Air conditioner/Graphite heater/Air purifier/Humidifier
Space to dry clothing/Hangers/Laundry clips
1 Bicycle available for 1,300 yen/day

  *Please bring your own pyjamas, shaving gear, etc

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