Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

*Kyomachiya Ginkaku is a one-story rented house. The latticed door opens to reveal a suikinkutsu (a musical water feature built with a buried earthen pot), whose soothing tones pluck at your heartstrings.

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Display details

The living room contains a round table and a modern IH kitchen.


Sample Schedule

Kyomachiya Ginkaku Sample Schedule

15:00: Arrive at Kyomachiya Ginkaku

You can enter at any time from 15:00 on
A greeter awaits you.

16:00: Walking, Shopping

Put on a pair of geta wooden sandals from the entrance and take a short stroll!
The Philosopher’s Walk is just 30 seconds away. Let the end of the day envelop you as the sun sets along the path.
Stores are still open at this time.

18:00: Dinner

You can buy Kyoto vegetables and other ingredients at the supermarket for cooking at home, or explore coffee shops and restaurants offering various cuisines from around the globe.
We recommend the udon noodles at Omen, a famous restaurant located on the Philosopher’s Walk.

20:00: Bath

Wash away the hustle and bustle of the day in the bathtub.
Soak in the world of simple beauty and refined tradition as you gaze out the window at the inner garden.

21:00: Sleep

Make plans for the next day before settling down for the night.
What places will you tour? What foods will you try?
Slip into a world of subtle and mysterious elegance as you make plans by lantern light.

7:00: Walking Before Breakfast

You can stroll around Ginkaku-ji Temple or along the Philosopher’s Walk before anyone else is out, or press on further to Eikando Temple, Nanzen-ji Temple and other sights.

9:00: Breakfas

You can enjoy a breakfast deal at a fancy coffee shop, head toward Omen and try raw food at Cacao Magicin the white building, or show off your cooking skills in the IH kitchen.

11:00: Sightseeing

Ginkaku-ji Temple, the Philosopher’s Walk, Eikando Temple and Nanzen-ji Temple go without saying. Hachi-jinja Shrine houses the chinjusha, which is a patron spirit that protects the area.
Add in Honen-in Temple and other sights, and you will have an area so packed with sightseeing spots that is impossible to tour it completely in a single day.


Kyomachiya Ginkaku

Postal Code 606-8403 Japan
6 Jodoji Minamida-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

Access from JR Kyoto Station

By Kyoto City Bus

・Take a #100 bus (bound for Kiyomizu-dera Temple/Ginkaku-ji Temple) from the boarding area in front of Kyoto Station. Ride for 25-50 minutes (depending on traffic)
→Get off at the Ginkakujimae Bus Stop
→Walk roughly 4 minutes

・Take a #5 bus (bound for Ginkaku-ji Temple/Iwakura) or a #17 bus (bound for Shijo Kawaramachi/Ginkaku-ji Temple) from the boarding area in front of Kyoto Station. Ride for 25-50 minutes (depending on traffic)
→Get off at the Ginkakuji-michi Bus Stop
→Walk roughly 8 minutes

By Subway and Kyoto City Bus

・Take the Karasuma Line (bound for Shijo/Karasuma Oike/Kokusaikaikan). Ride for 10 minutes
→Get off at Imadegawa Station (Exit 3)
→Take a #203 bus (bound for Ginkaku-ji Temple/Kinrin Shako). Ride for 15-25 minutes (depending on traffic)
→Get off at the Ginkakuji-michi Bus Stop
→Walk roughly 8 minutes

By Car

・From Kyoto Station (Karasuma-dori side)
 7.5 km (Roughly 28 minutes without traffic)

・From Kyoto Minami IC
  11 km (Roughly 35 minutes without traffic)

*We do not have parking space for guests.
Please park at a nearby parking facility.

By Taxi

・20-40 minutes from JR Kyoto Station (depending on traffic)

Rates and Other Information


Rates per day differ depending on the number of guests.
For reservations, call(+81-75-200-8139), or go to the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Kyomachiya Ginkaku

Room Rates (excluding meals)

Rates per guest
from 28,000 yen/day
from 300,000 yen/month
from 14,000 yen/day
from 300,000 yen/month
from 11,000 yen/day
from 360,000 yen/month
from 9,750 yen/day
from 390,000 yen/month
from 8,600 yen/day
from 420,000 yen/month

*Prices listed are standard rates, which are subject to change with the seasons.
*Consumption taxes are applied to all rates.

Fixtures and Amenities

Wireless LAN
Water purifier/IH cooktop/Kettle/Microwave/Refrigerator/Coffee mugs/Glasses/Teacups/Teabowls/Small plates/Forks/Spoons/Kitchen scissors/Knives/Cutting board/Can opener/Bottle opener/Wine opener/Coffee/Tea/Hojicha roasted green tea/Sencha loose-leaf green tea
Toilet room
Washlet/Paper towels/Hair dryer/Kazurasei shampoo and conditioner/Yojiya body soap/Bath towels/Face towels/L’Occitane hand soap/Toothbrushes/Shower caps
Guest Rooms
TV/Air conditioner/Graphite heater/Air purifier/Humidifier
Bicycle (5 available)

*Please bring your own pyjamas, shaving gear, etc.

Reservations and Inquiries

Inquiry form

Please click below to make an inquiry.

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